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Hello, from TCG.Events!


What is this site?

This website serves one purpose: being a permanent directory for all official and non-official events around trading card games, like Yu-Gi-Oh!©, Magic The Gathering, etc.

We are currently supporting Magic The Gathering events only, and are considering opening the website to other licenses, upon requests.

We are also currently supporting only certain Magic The Gathering games/variants/formats. Not all of them make sense, and not all of them have enough activity to get listed here.
We'll keep an eye on activity more than we'll keep an eye on requests, so spamming us will most likely not be the appropriate method. ;)

This website is currently on beta test. Though it's open to the public, its hosting might not be able to handle... Success. And the functionalities are under testing as for now.


How does it work?

Super easily! Just head up to the home page, pick up a license (otherwise you'll use Magic The Gathering as default).

Then use the main menu to find tournaments by:

  • Predefined period (past, present and future)
  • World zone (or virtual tournaments)
  • Game/variant/format

Or just head up to advanced search to use up to 30 criteria to find them.

Tournament organizers get special accounts (hence needing to register) to be able to create tournaments.
TCG.Events takes care of all the specificities of every license.


What's the business model of TCG.Events?

This website was developed, designed, made available for free and will remain so. But you can find ways to support its maker here: https://linktr.ee/DocFX (head to the bottom ^^).

The only problem it could face could be a money shortage to afford decent hosting. Which is currently OK. But nothing lasts forever, right?

The team will also accept love and hugs as rewards and payment (oh, and MTG foil cards, too, by the way).


How to share data from here?

Any URL on this website is RESTful, some technical stuff to say that you can share any URL with other people, and they'll see exactly the same thing as you do.

This implies:

  • Any URL in the top and bottom menus: tournaments by zones, by format, by period, by license.
  • Any tournament URL.
  • Any search results page (this will share the exact parameters you used, results, and will pre-fill search forms as well)
  • Any content page (like the one you're reading right now)

Also, you have social share links on top of all pages where it makes sense, and they're only share dialogs, so that you're not third-party tracked as long as you don't use them.


How can I get involved?

You can do so several ways:

  1. Become a tournament organizer. That's ez-pz, just head up to this page where everything is explained.
  2. Become an account administrator. That implies that you know the website team. We won't be choosing a lot of profiles like this one, and we need absolute trust for that.
  3. Share the website data: see section above.
  4. Ask your local tournament organizers to register and get an account here. That's basically the best way to go!
  5. Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Head up to social networks and get in touch with us!