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A note regarding Tournament Organizers and

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TCG Events relies, so far, on public, anonymous, unauthicated browsing.
You don't need an account to find tournaments.

But you need an account to create tournaments. Which is why, if you're a tournament organizer, you can apply and get an account to do so.

However, these are the current limitations:

  • You can only create tournaments that YOU personnally organize or supervise.
  • So far, the only open licenses you can create tournaments for are:
    • Magic The Gathering
  • More might be opened in the future, depending on needs.
  • You can register, however, as:
    • A simple individual, organizing tournaments,
    • A shop (LGS, or any other kind of shop/company that handles tournaments),
    • An organization.
  • You can apply from anywhere in the world.
  • The website might support more languages in the months to come, so far, the only supported languages are:
    • English.
  • However, you can use double language content (English and local) in all tournament forms.


Registration process

To register, so far, the process is manual.

  1. You need to create an account,
  2. validate your email and
  3. then get in touch with TCG Player to check that you're really a TO.
    To to that, you can either:

Any abuse in creating tournaments, duplications, TO authenticity, failure to comply with those rules will have your account suspended or banned.

Once your account is open and validated, you'll be able to:

  • Create as many tournaments as you want.
  • Set up your profile with any necessary information about you, advertisement, location, contact, etc.
  • Add minimal decoration to your tournaments (HTML content is limited for space/security purposes).
  • Manage, clone, delete, update any of your tournaments, past and future.
  • Get unique URLs to share your tournaments.


Currently supported

For Magic The Gathering tournaments, the current supported (and open) formats are:

  • Booster Draft
  • Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft
  • Team Trio Booster Draft
  • Brawl (duel)
  • Two-Headed Giant Brawl (duel)
  • Team Trio Brawl (duel)
  • Duel Commander
  • Two-Headed Giant Duel Commander
  • Team Trio Duel Commander
  • Legacy
  • Two-Headed Giant Legacy
  • Team Trio Legacy
  • Modern
  • Two-Headed Giant Modern
  • Team Trio Modern
  • Modern Duel Commander
  • Two-Headed Giant Modern Duel Commander
  • Team Trio Modern Duel Commander
  • Pioneer
  • Two-Headed Giant Pioneer
  • Team Trio Pioneer
  • Sealed Deck
  • Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
  • Team Trio Sealed Deck
  • Standard
  • Two-Headed Giant Standard
  • Team Trio Standard


This website does NOT substitute for editors' own tournament organizing websites, like Wizards Of The Coast's shop locator. Make sure you use them first if relevant.


Hope you'll understand those rules and limitations.
The TCG Events team.